Certificate Attestation From Delhi

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Delhi, The ever hot spot in India which extends vital role in the history and political arena of Modern India. Apart from being the political capital of India, Delhi is an important administrative unit of government of India. Major ministries of Indian government are situated in Delhi. So it is having prime importance in the legalisation sector also. This made Delhi always a heartbeat of Overseas employment and Migration sector.


Attestation/ Apostille is a process which legalise a document and prove authenticity to that. This includes Education, Non education ( marriage, birth certificates etc…) and Police Clearance certificates. Delhi attestations are having a great role in the authentication. The Presence of Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA) and a many embassies make Delhi always a real hot spot in the legalisation firm.


Authentication from the Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA) is a mandatory procedure for all attestations. The Apostille sticker from MEA is having the utmost role in legalising a document to make it Authenticated for all the Hauge Contries. The presence of 30 Embassies of different nations make “Indraprastha” the real capital of Indian attestations

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