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Certificate attestation is the most fundamental in which authorized personnel affirms the authenticity of a document by verifying its originality with his signature.


To null and void the discrepancies that might mount after pointing a finger on the authenticity of a document, attestation of the same is very essential so that it can be furnished enough to be treated as a legal paper.There is always a confusion regarding the words ‘authentication‘ and ‘Attestation‘ The Authentication is described as simply the verification process where as the Attestation can be summarized as ‘Embassy Attestation‘.


The authenticity of the documents which is to be presented for attestation or any other procedures has to be found out.This can be usually done by thoroughly verifying the presented documents whether it is legally viable or not.Mumbai Authentication refers to the authentication of documents presented for various attestation purposes in Mumbai office .only after this authentication process is completed ,one can surely say that all the documents presented for attestation is true and the further processing can be done.Thus the Authentication forms an important part of Certificate attestation.

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