Beware of fake attestations

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Attestation or Authentication procedures are very complicated. Due to these complications ,Travel Agencies, Sub Agents and Agents choose the easy way out because duplicate attestation is a low cost and time saving procedure apart from being outright fraud.

Many agents carry out fake attestations on the original certificates without the knowledge of the certificate holder. Some departments do not check the originality of the previous attestation, before doing their own department’s attestation on a certificate .Presently there is no online facility available to check the originality of authenticated documents and hence most of the times, fake attestations go unnoticed. Hence even the document owner is incapable of detecting a fake attestation.

Usually these fakes are caught while submitting the documents to a prospective employer. Result: LIFE BAN. Once a certificate with a duplicate Attestation /Authentication seal and signature by authorities is apprehended, the document owner will be charged under the law and convicted. The punishment is definitely a jail term for deceiving and swindling the Government. This is because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is concerned with the genueity of the attestation on the document. Fake attestation amounts to duping the government and is not tolerated. Many such cases have come to light in the Middle Eastern media.

The punishment will be handed to the document owner and not the agents. Moreover if these documents are seized in the Middle East or Europe, it results in a direct LIFE BAN in all countries as immigration information is shared by all the countries. Thus your dreams and hopes of a better life will disappear forever.

Think twice before submitting your original certificates to an unknown agent/travel agencies/typing centers etc for Attestation because when you give your original certificates to an agent and not to document professionals, you are risking your future.

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There is tracking facility so that the document owner can know the status of the certificate.

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