Consulate Attestation

The need for Embassy/constulate attestation arises in our lives from time to time. It is nothing new for all those planning to go abroad for business deals, higher education, employment, migration or travel purpose.There are several reliable certificate attestationservice providers in Mumbai that can meet all kind of certificate attestation demands of customers quite fast. Though attestation of certificates procedure is thought to be same for both educational & non-educational purpose but it may vary depending upon the Embassy/Consulate Attestation requirement or Apostille certificate formalities.

The Embassy attestation/constulate attestation has become an important procedure to apply for family visiting visa, employment visa, family resident visa, business visit visa or driving license while residing in foreign countries. The country where the applicant intends to visit may be Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Since the embassies & consulates in all these countries set up different set of rules & guidelines for document approval, apostille certificates have to be executed in different manner. In India, different government bodies such as SDM, GAD, Notary, State Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Human Resource Development, Embassy & consulate deal with all kind of Apostille certificates formalities.

Embassy Attestation consists of a series of steps meant for authentication of documents that ultimately result in their legalization by the concerned consulate of embassy of the destination country. The non member countries of the Hauge Convention depend largely on these attestation certificates.

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